About Us

Azak Cars is proudly owned and operated by Ali and his wife Monica. Helping people is what they love to do in their family focused business, serving 1000’s of customers for more than 15 years.

Many would say they were born with petrol in their veins and Monica is sure Ali was feed oil from his bottle. Ali loves cars especially the old classics, which comes from a childhood with his father around classic cars used in movies and commercials. As for Monica well……… she is a lead footed petrolhead with a passion for modern V8’s and knows a thing or two about the vehicles she has available.

“We believe in customers not just for the present, but more so for the future. We want our customers for life.”

“We select every single vehicle ourselves and care about each and its quality”

“We believe in giving you our personal service, along with our team of caring consultants”

“We have a family ourselves, so understand how important that is”

“We personally get involved with washing cars, grooming cars, and of course driving our cars”

“We love helping people.”

Ali and Monica would love to have you visit their dealership, even if it was just to say hi and take a look at some of their beautiful cars.