Find a Vehicle


Find a Vehicle

Why Buy From Us

Azak Cars is proudly owned and operated by Ali and his wife Monica. Helping people is what they love to do in their family focused business, serving thousands of customers over the last 10 years.

Many would say they were born with petrol in their veins and Monica is sure Ali was feed oil from his bottle. Ali loves cars especially the old classics, which comes from a childhood with his father around classic cars used in movies and commercials. As for Monica well……… she is a lead footed petrolhead with a passion for modern V8’s and knows a thing or two about the vehicles she has available.

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Trade in your vehicle

We have now traded over 1000 vehicles for our customers, making the purchase and change over super easy.

We are happy to appraise your vehicle as a trade on your next vehicle, which can be done really easy by completing the Price My Trade online form. Alternatively come in and see Ali with your vehicle and he will help you out.

Get Quote

We can buy your car or let us sell it for you

Bring us your car

Come to us. We’ll discuss the process and ensure you understand everything involved or we simply pay cash for your car.

We'll clean and detail your car ready for sale

We have an experienced grooming and pre delivery team.

We'll market your car

We know the best places to advertise your car to ensure potential buyers see it.

Payment made

Once your vehicle is sold we'll be in touch.

Out of town / Overseas buyers

  • Choose A Car

    Find a vehicle you like from our large selection.

  • Secure Your New Car

    You will then need to pay a deposit to have the vehicle put on hold and ensure it will not be offered for sale to anyone else. If you do not wish to proceed with the purchase, the deposit is fully refunded and the vehicle is put back on the market.

  • Arrange an Inspection

    Call us to arrange an independent vehicle inspection with the AA or VTNZ. (You will need to pay for this.)

  • Fly In, Drive In or Stay at Home to Complete the Purchase

    • Fly In – We will pick you up from the airport.
    • Drive In- On viewing the vehicle and confirming that you wish to complete the transaction, you pay the outstanding balance owing which can be done with our onsite finance facilities or your own arranged finances.
    • Stay At Home - This option is only available if Azak Cars has received the agreed full payment up front including freight. The vehicle will be transported to your location, making life simple for you.